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  Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

Brad Puckett Music

Charlotte Ramey Brookman

Domestic Diva Catering:
Jeanne Vaughn
Full-Time Catering Business Offering Fresh, Homemade Food...

Photography by Elisa Lewis for National Geographic...


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2. Personalization
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5. Promotional Opportunities

Holston Distributing Co.

With the rise of new platforms to engage consumers, email marketing continues to flourish as a marketing channel. A recent report highlighted 28 per cent YOY growth for email and it is an important piece of the marketing mix and remains to be important for brands to reach and engage customers.
Email is a core channel that has evolved alongside changing customer expectations. It underpins newer platforms and an email address is crucial to create a login for most social media accounts. Still not convinced? Here are the main reasons why email marketing should sit at the centre of your marketing activity.

We are marketing strategists and would like to focus your attention on the most powerful tool the small business owner can add to their marketing arsenal...
It's called the U.S.P. (Unique
Selling Proposition): that which
sets you a part from competition,
thus marginalizing them...
The U.S.P. is created by our team
of promotional marketing strategists and is based on the "Research" & "Psychology" behind how the consumer: Thinks, Feels, Reasons & selects between Brands, Products & Companies, leading ultimately to an engaging &
personable sales experience with the Consumer instilling Trust & GuaranteeingRepeat Business..!
We synchronize this valuable Data
& incorporate it into your Overall
Marketing Strategy, delivered with SEO coded, U.S.P. driven "Call To Action" Video..!
Your unique sales presentation will be seen with "Frequency" literally everywhere in the "Blink Of An Eye" with access to the entire Digital Landscape and beyond...

David is very smart, extremely personable, and most importantly, intuitive when it comes to financial matters.  He has at his disposal serious financial resources and extensive contacts that work in tandem, to bring "high yield"  investment opportunities to the investor; from commercial real estate to the big board...Sign up to VDO chat with David :

We evaluate companies, competition and marketing strategies for small business owners every day, across America. So with that in mind email us your questions for  moving your business strategy forward and we will be pleased to offer our professional opinions and suggestions..
"we earn when a sale is made"..!

We speak to small business owners every day across this great country and take time via VDO chat to learn about their business and present marketing strategy to attract new clients & customers...
More often than not in that first discussion, we get a chance to formulate a "fresh idea" one; that can dramatically accelerate or change the direction of the sales strategy entirely..!

That "one fresh idea" helps formulate the creation of their U.S.P.(unique selling proposition) that which set's them a part from competition, thus marginalizing them, while attracting new customers with frequency..!
A small company does not have the resources to "data mine" or look at behavioral psychology profiles of the consumer. We do..!

For more information, please sign up for a VDO chat...

Short Video Clips Created, Utilizing A U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) Powers "Content Marketing" In Social Media Strategy..!

Marketing in data driven "real time", actually means customers today, not next week or next month...It can be tough, because individuals can be hard to track as they move from store to smartphone to laptop. It means that "moments of opportunity" happen fast, so you need to be ready to address these patterns in real time. It requires an flexible, adaptive approach to content creation and video content design, based on a strong commitment to data driven consumer analysis & strategy...

 For data based real-time marketing to be successful, we must learn all that can be discovered about what your potential customer likes, what they want and where they are; how they think, feel, reason & select between brands, products & companies, so we can quickly develop your "U.S.P."(unique selling proposition) synchronized with "Call To Action" video that meets the data points..! Now you will have at your disposal the most powerful marketing tool any small business owner can possess to pursue a multi-faceted "promotional marketing strategy" that "Guarantees" results..!

 In conclusion, for today's consumer "Authenticity" is key...Data that moves to storytelling video, develops a bridge to genuine, meaningful, experiences and helps to establish conversations utilizing real-time analytics and tailored additional content to consider all the context in between; that will allow you to become what every journeying customer needs most: a wise and trustworthy friend..!

We are "Master Strategists" at interpreting & coordinating the data stream, matching it with the U.S.P. synchronized storytelling video as the most powerful "VDO marketing asset" available to the small business that will move its new strategy rapidly across all digital channels to turn real time data into sales..!

Nobody does it better...Nobody!,,,

Find out WHY..!

The Sound Asylum

     First Tennessee

Promotional Marketing Strategists

We Design, Custom Print & Embroider Tops & Hats For "Confident Women"..!

We will be recognizing many local
small businesses in our site from
the Tri-City area and beyond...
These companies work hard every
day to provide great services to
the local communities they serve,
and for that reason we offer each of them our HIGH 5..!